Significant And Beneficial Reasons To Join TSB

TSB is a retail & commercial bank, established in 2013. It is a secondary branch of Sabadell Group. Currently, it is spread all around the UK with a record of more than 630 branches.

Aim of TSB

Its goal was to fulfill local banking needs of businesses, communities, and people. With this aim, it successfully serves five million customers and has reached at the 7th position in the UKs retail banking group.


Its future strategy is to improve its market position through PCA market share development. Simultaneously, enter mortgage channel and increase its assets, and invest in digital market transactions and accessibility. TSB even aims at decreasing expenses in the customer service department.


Reasons to join TSB

TSB has extensive range of options for people of every age. It does not matter, if you are starting a new business or planning retirement.

Different banking techniques

TSB’s extensive branch network gets support from mobile apps, internet banking, and phone banking. Internet banking is open 24 hours allowing full transactional functionality and account management.

Digital banking includes helpful features like –

  • Bill payments
  • Future dated payments
  • Standing orders
  • Direct debits
  • Download eStatements

Daily banking

It is essential to have an account that is easy to use or work with. Daily products like credit cards and current accounts are intended to operate in conjunction with your daily needs.

customer service contact telephone directory


First time home buyers can take advantage of the different mortgage packages offered by them. It has allowed plenty of home buyers to enjoy their life in their new homes with discounts and flexible payment options offered on their mortgages.

Applying for mortgage for the very first time can be somewhat daunting. Visit and talk to a dedicated TSB mortgage consultants. They are in the best position to navigate you through this application process smoothly.


TSB consultants help consumers in planning their savings for a dream wedding or buying a new car. With their help you can reach those vital saving goals.


Wide ranges of loans are provided with quick approvals.

  • Personal loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Car loans
  • Cash secured loans
  • Save & borrow loans



Wide range of investment solutions are provided. Suitable options are available for a totally new as well as an experienced investor. Call TSB and discuss the different kinds of investments offered and which investor profile will suit your needs.

TSB employees work hard to offer customers solutions related to investment, mortgage, savings, and even options to those struggling to repay their home loans.